How to Bypass a Blocked BETVOYAGER.COM

Lately, internet providers and antivirus software providers have started treating gambling-related websites as non-desirable resources. Therefore there is a chance that our project has been randomly added to a “restricted websites” list. is officially licensed and securely protected, and does not contain any malware.

In case your access to has been blocked by the internet provider or antivirus software, you may use one of the following options to regain access to the website.

1. Plugin Install
2. Available Mirrors Detector
3. Hola and Tor browsers
4. Desktop Version

If none of the above mentioned options were effective in providing access to the blocked website or if you find it difficult to follow the above instructions by yourself, please feel free to contact our tech support —

We also advise to keep an eye on our promo emails. Apart from having useful information on our current promotions and updates, these emails always contain current links which allow you to access the website.